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Membership is open to those decentralized applications who meet our DApp Criteria. Members regularly consult with our Board of Advisors. Professionals interested in becoming an advisor should drop us a note with a CV or other relevant qualifications.

Our members represent groundbreaking technologies coupled with astounding teams of visionary thought leaders. Please take a moment to learn more about these amazing projects and the people behind them:

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Ethereum is a next-generation distributed cryptographic ledger that is designed to allow users to encode advanced transaction types, smart contracts and decentralized applications into the blockchain.

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Open Transactions

Open-Transactions is an easy-to-use, financial crypto, digital cash and transaction library.

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Master Protocol

The Mastercoin Foundation advocates for the use of the open source Master Protocol by building a strong community and promoting focused development for the benefit of all its users.

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Invictus Innovations

Invictus Innovations is building decentralized solutions for centralized problems such as identity, prediction markets, domain name registration and other use cases.

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Colored Coins

Colored Coins is a colored bitcoin minting and exchange protocol that works on top of an existing blockchain infrastructure

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Pioneering Peer-to-Peer Finance with Smart Property, a Decentralized Exchange, and Speculation & Hedging

Best Practices

Legal Frameworks

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CoDAs organizational frameworks allow you to begin building your decentralized applcation with confidence, in jurisdictions all around the world.

CoDAs streamlined legal frameworks allow new DApps the ability to operate as flat an organization as is posisble, while still remaining compliant with local laws and regulations

Research and Grants

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CoDA is actively conducting legal, economic, and ethical research related to the proliferation of decentralized applications.

CoDA seeks partners to assist in this groundbreaking research effort. Please get in touch if you are research institution or academic who is interested in the ramifications of decentralized applications.

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